Galaxy 506 Drum Sander

7.5 hp Motor

At the heart of all our floor sanders is a single phase, 7.5 hp motor, custom manufactured by Galaxy. This heavyweight exceeds the 4.5 hp industry average by over 66%! An optional 3-Phase 9.0 hp is available for industrial applications. ***By loosening two release pins, the motor easily detaches for speed and ease in disassembly and one-man transportation. More power, more torque, perfectly balanced with drum speed and drum pressure provide a real performance advantage.


Optimum Weight Distribution back to top

Galaxy floor sanders are known for their solid build and weight behind them. This design advantage ensures stability and gives the floor sanding professional an aggressive cut. Optimum weight distribution is critical to performance, as physics testifies. Galaxy machines are ideally balanced keeping the drum fixed on the floor, to deliver the best cut and sanding performance. With our drum pressure mechanism you can control the depth of cut by simply pulling a lever. No external weights are required..


Drum Mode back to top

Only a simple change of abrasive is required to switch modes — no drum change is necessary.

Cost savings of more than 200% in abrasives can be achieved with this exclusive Galaxy feature.

Dustless Elbow back to top

A swivel, dustless elbow coupled with double wiper seals provides you with a further dust control measure, eliminating dust leakage for reduced clean up time.

Ergonomically Designed Handles back to top

Handles are positioned at the perfect height and distance apart for optimal control and comfort, helping to relieve back strain.