About Us

Galaxy Floor Machines head office is located in Toronto, Canada.

Galaxy has become a well known and respected name in the floor sanding industry due to the fact that they release the most powerful and innovative floor sanders to date.

Galaxy Floor Machines was established by Jim Tasikas more than 2 decades ago. The Tasikas family owned business maintained and repaired various types of machinery, but primarily floor sanders. In doing so, they discovered many ways in which they could improve the design, flexibility and engineering of floor sanders in order to create what is now recognized as the best floor sander in the industry.

In order to protect the investment and engineering behind the machines, Galaxy patented their concepts and now have the leading edge over all competition.

While many floor sanding companies are struggling to survive in this competitive market, Galaxy has exploded onto the scene providing state of the art products to distributors across North America, Europe, and Australia.